Taxi For Farrell: Football Between The Lines

David Farrell

Drew Farrell - Taxi DriverDavid Farrell’s 28-year footballing odyssey has taken him to 12 clubs and given him an insight into the realities of the game that few can match.

He never enjoyed the riches that many associate with modern football and was forced to fight back from the scrapheap several times. The pressure and desire to keep playing in spite of serious injuries have left his legs ravaged and he has known the ignominy of unemployment on more than one occasion.

With coaching providing even less security than playing, David now works long, unsociable hours as a taxi driver to provide for his family.

Far from becoming cynical, he remains as passionate about the game as he was growing up in Glasgow’s east end and throughout his stops at Oxford United, Hibernian, Airdrie, Partick Thistle, Clydebank, Stranraer, Albion Rovers, Gretna, Clyde, Dundee, Notts County and Celtic Nation.

A popular blog Football From The Inside, written with wit and honesty has helped put David back in the public eye and earned him a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable and incisive commentators around.
This is the story of real football, told by someone who experienced its highs and lows from the inside.

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